I was promised the high-quality (i.e., non-bootleg) version of the “The Avengers” teaser on July 29th. I am waiting for it.
Until then, here’s an Avengers button.

I was promised the high-quality (i.e., non-bootleg) version of the “The Avengers” teaser on July 29th. I am waiting for it.

Until then, here’s an Avengers button.

'The Avengers' teaser description ›

NOTE: Don’t read further if you don’t want to know about it.

It starts out with Captain America punching a punching bag until it flies off into a wall, and then enters Nick Fury. They briefly talked about a mission and that they needed to get ready, but they never explained what the mission was. And then it happened. As the music kicked in, scenes of SHEILD, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), & Loki were shown!! It showed a hell of a lot of action! Thor had a brief costume change, just no chainmail under armor and his hair was a bit longer. Iron Man was shown in what looked like the Mark VI or maybe a new Mark VII armor!! I don’t recall who was fighting who or what, but it was a lot of kick-assery!! And at the end of it all, Thor threw Minjor and then it flashed… The Avengers!

Well at first there was the Avengers themselves in what looked to be a meeting room, Thor was leaning against wall with arms crossed and Cap was sitting down, as Tony Stark and Nick Fury were most likely talking about the mission that was discussed earlier with Cap and Fury and also a shot of Bruce Banner. The action scenes were confusing but from what I remember, scenes with Iron Man flying in the air, and Hawkeye shooting an arrow, along with some explosions and Black Widow kicking ass. As for Captain America only his shield and part of his Costume was shown, so I wasn’t able to tell what suit he appeared in. The last part was in a forest, Iron Man and Thor fighting, but I couldn’t tell if it was against each other or someone or something else. And then, Thor threw his hammer, similar to the way he threw it at the Frost Giants, and then flashed “The Avengers, coming May 2012”.

(PS. It’s from a fan who has seen Captain America — and obviously the teaser. Still, take it with a grain of salt.)

'The Avengers' teaser to play after 'Captain America' ›

Fans will get their first real look at the 2012 ensemble superhero film which will unite Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and the Hulk on screen for the first time when Captain America: The First Avenger hits theaters this Thursday. Rumors, speculation and hopes that Marvel Studios will continue their end credits scene trend when Captain America hits theaters this week has come to fruition.

Though the first domestic press screening of the film did not contain the first teaser trailer for The Avengers, theatrical releases will. Several US military installations were privileged to host advanced screenings of The First Avenger film today, and many were pleasantly surprised to find over a minute of action-packed Avengers footage playing after the credits rolled.

'The Avengers' set visit

From someone who works for Upper Deck:

On Wednesday we were on the actual set of the film and there was a lot going on. Marvel shared that it was the biggest set they had ever built and when we stepped on the bridge of the Avengers Helicarrier, we realized they were very serious. It was like the bridge of The Star Trek Enterprise on steroids, just amazing to behold.

We were not alone at this event as we joined with more than 100 licensees and potential licensees of Marvel with representatives from companies like Hasbro, LEGO, THQ, Disney and many more. As a die-hard fan of The Avengers, I wanted to snap some pictures so bad with my phone, but Marvel wasn’t going to have any of that. Anyone caught sneaking a photo would be quickly escorted from the premises and I didn’t want to miss any of this so my phone stayed in my pocket.

We got to check out some rough cuts of the film (which looked AMAZING by the way) and talk about how we can make the most of all our marketing efforts for this franchise. We are really excited about the opportunities with The Avengers to say the least and we have seen solid interest in our Iron Man and Thor trading cards so far. We expect to see the same with our Captain America product when that launches in June.


Also: I saw ‘Thor’.

Watch it, it’s fabulous. 

Not here-Marvel-have-all-of-my-money-that-I-really-can’t-afford-to-give-you-and-hey-Chris-Hemsworth-is-hot-so-it’s-alright fantastic, but it’s very good.

What this film answers for me is that ‘The Avengers’ will be more than epic (overexaggerated expectations ahoy!).  I say that because I was worried that this film will tank critically (and financially) and seriously drag the ‘The Avengers’ down.  But it’s well-done.

Already downloaded a cam version quality.

Very much looking forward to ‘Captain America’ — even more so now because based on trailers, I was far more excited by it than Thor’s trailer.