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    also, Chris Brown. really.
  3. disco-dancer-donna said: A few of her former besties like Madonna bashed her pretty hard and talked about how Gwen was always putting people down and bragging that she was from Jewish Kabalah royalty. They all said she was a huge snob and pretentious. No clue if it’s true.
  4. johnisnothisdate said: Wow im disgusted with all the people who voted on her
  5. the-drawing-giantess said: What the actual fuck?
  6. marvelmasturbation said: I SAW THAT and I don’t understand it. like, I really don’t get why she was voted about chris brown, a guy who actually beat up his girlfriend.
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  8. booshbaby said: I think I’d actually punch Kris Jenner in the face if she were my mom.
  9. smoulderholden said: How the fuck could they put Anne Hathaway on there too?
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  11. starkky said: chris fucking brown is at the bottom of the list like REALLY?!! i just give up on hollywood
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