[Ike] Perlmutter also creates conflict outside the studio, notably with talent reps in negotiations. Nearly everyone on screen is regarded as replaceable, with the exception of Robert Downey Jr. With unmatched leverage after Iron Man, the actor reaped a payday well in excess of $50 million for Avengers. (“Isn’t that crazy?” Downey told GQ when asked about a THR report on his pay. “They’re so pissed.”)

How Marvel Became the Envy (and Scourge) of Hollywood | The Hollywood Reporter (July 23, 2014)

A profile on the intensely private (and frugal) Marvel CEO, Ike Perlmutter.

It’s actually a very interesting article that kinda gleans on how Marvel Studios operates under Ike.

True story.

I have read alpha-omega, mpreg SteveTony plotless porn fanfiction that are better written than the excerpts I’ve read of Fifty Shades of Grey.

vengerturtle replied to your post: You really shouldn’t be using these as…

that kdramastars one is popping up a lot more with tons of bullshit articles, I’m particularly tired of them.

Kdramastars kinda ran away with the Claudia-Kim-to-play-Stark’s-love-interest bullcrap some weeks back.

The hilarious thing is they puppet each other’s “news scoop”.

Like, for some reason, I keep on reading this “Colin Farrell in Iron Man 4” crap from moviepilot (seriously, they had four different writers writing about the same shit).  Then the others on that list used them as the source and wrote about the same thing. And for some reason contactmusic was all over it yesterday.

And they write stuff like “multiple sources have been saying … ” but there are no sources (!!) except their own speculations.

LOL, it drives me up the wall.

If you don’t have Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man tattooed on your head, are you really a fan?



When I’m spacing out during lectures or something, I tend to imagine writing my autobiography in my head.  

So far, I’ve drafted the topics of certain chapters, like—

Chapter 3: I really shouldn’t have eaten that.


Chapter 5: I don’t do long-term relationships but I do miss the routine, regular sex they invariably come with.


Chapter 8: Let’s talk about my ridiculous attraction to Robert Downey Jr.


Chapter 12: I’m not done talking about Robert Downey Jr.

Watch out, New York Times’ best sellers list.

July 22, 2014: Late in the day, Entertainment Weekly publishes an interview with Robert Downey Jr. very coyly discussing his Iron Man future.

July 23, 2014: Not even 24 hours later, Marvel announces yet another date for a future Marvel film release (May 4, 2018), after already having announced five untitled movies last week.


[crosses her fingers in vain for a Science Bros film]

Patient had a bowel movement, which I was eager to see given his history of present illness. It was peanut butter brown. Puréed consistency. Normal smell. No bright red blood per rectum.

intern on call last night, presenting at morning report right now