On Zodiac I had a conversation with Jake, and I said, “I guarantee I’m going to make a good movie out of this. You can decide if you want to be the weakest thing in it, or you can decide if you want to show up.” Downey had an interesting relationship with Jake on that movie. I think he felt it was his job to point out how difficult it is to be a 24-year-old actor with a lot of eyes and expectations on you. In spite of all the drama about whether we were allowing Jake to be the best version of himself because we were expecting so many iterations of his performance, to an extent I also felt that way about him. I also empathized with the wizened Downey looking back at himself in his Less Than Zero days and wanting a more nurturing influence for Jake.

David Fincher, on filming Zodiac with Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr. (Playboy, October 2014)

Re: RDJ’s “surprise”

(in reference to this tweet)

My bet is a behind-the-scenes video look at The Judge, given the collage of on-set pics that’s posted on the wall behind him in that photo.

Given that the film is coming out in less than four weeks, I can’t imagine it being anything else.

"Seeing how Tues is the most productive week day I’ll not lower efficiency. TMW tho, I’ll throw a surprise your way

DISPATCH: 911, what is your emergency.
ME: Hi, so kayytx keeps on sending me porn while I’m at work and I need her to stop because I’m a serious, no-nonsense adult. And booshbaby is egging her on. I want both arrested.
DISPATCH: What is the nature of this porn, ma’am?
ME: … It’s pictures of Robert Downey Jr.? Why does that matter?
DISPATCH: Ma’am, I would need you to forward these pictures of Mr. Downey to me.
ME: But why?
DISPATCH: It’s a matter of national security.