VIDEO ROUND-UP: RDJ and ‘The Judge’ press.


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Press junket



INT:  In the movie, you had the sexy sunglasses on and then I remembered that you are 50 years old.  
INT:  I mean, how does it feel to be such a sexy man??
RDJ:  Um, well thank y—
INT: You’re looking great!
RDJ:  And get it right, I’m 49!

The Insider (September 30, 2014)

Re: work stuff

There’s something ironic about having a noon lecture about the renal pathophysiology of diabetes and the drug reps feeding us catered Mexican food.

It’s like … huh.

Sorry, Doc, there’s no package for you today.

this maintenance/friendly neighbor/busybody guy who lives in my building, when I was looking around the lobby for any packages that might be for me.