I’m almost certain I’ve talked about him before— there’s this resident here who’s a bit of a tool, but he’s very smart and confident. He’s very helpful when he needs to be, and he’s good with teaching interns and students.

The reason why I mentioned him in the past is because I thought he was douchey but very cute — specifically because he sports the same look as Robert Downey Jr. does in Iron Man 3.

Coincidence, right?

Anyway, so I’m in morning report right now and he comes in the room. But now he has the same very short haircut that RDJ had at SDCC this weekend — side fades, fauxhawk-ish upturned hair, all that jazz.

I’m sitting behind him and he’s chatting with this other resident and he makes her guess what’s new with him, and it’s his haircut. He then takes out his phone to show her something and I could’ve sworn I saw a pic of Robert from SDCC.