Re: 80s films

I’ve mentioned in the past that the very first Robert Downey Jr. film I had ever seen was Chances Are.  

I must’ve been around 9-10 years old at the time. It was playing on one of those cable channels (I’d like to think TBS) and my sisters and I watched it.  We kinda bonded over that film.  So much so that on certain days, if you asked me what’s really my favorite RDJ film, I would say Chances Are, purely out of sentimental reasons.

The aesthetics didn’t hurt, though—


Anyway, another 80s film that my sisters and I saw on cable TV around that time and loved was Just One of the Guys.

Does anyone else remember this film?

It’s a silly 80s high school film but I love it.

It’s available on Netflix.

In fact, I’m watching it during dinner right now.

do you have the interview transcript(s) of the avengers cast on entertainment weekly SiriusXM radio? erizeey

I can do the transcript for RDJ and Ruffles’ SiriusXM interview when I get home (you can listen to it here).

I only recorded their interview so I don’t have the others. Sorry.


From Access Hollywood:

Q: So how about Iron Man 4?
RDJ: I wonder. Let me put it this way— I bet there will be an announcement of some sort sooner than later.

From Extra:

Q: There’s a lot of rumblings going on about Iron Man 4.
RDJ: Are there?
Q: Yes! Is it gonna happen?
RDJ: Um … something’s gonna happen. I can tell you that much.

From MTV:

Q: Ready for another solo outing? Are you guys talking storyline yet for the next Iron Man?
RDJ: Um, you know, that guy right there [points to Kevin Feige] and I— we, kind of, you know, we talk about stuff, and  then stuff happens.
[Kevin Feige walks past]
RDJ: Isn’t that how it works, Kevin?
Feige:  How what works?
RDJ: You and I talk about stuff, and then stuff happens.
[interviewer interjects “he’s talking about another Iron Man”]
Feige: Let’s see, and that’s what happens. And that’s a secret.  I thought it could— remain a secret but it’s, you know, that’s ok.

Curiouser and curiouser.

[P.S.— my personal bet is there is not gonna be an IM4 but that he’ll be in another Marvel project(s) that’s not Avengers 3.]

[P.P.S.— ok, that’s not so much a bet but more like I really want a Stark/Banner buddy flick.]